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Lesson Overview

  • Eye dominance checks

  • Equipment pairing

  • Guided Shooting

  • Free Shooting

  • Scoring and Games

Archery Lessons

The home of the 'Apple Challenge'

Our forte! Find us another Archery site that has this many games (You won't!)


Pizza, Paper Fold, Balloons, Darts (D'archery), Split the Arrow, Noughts & Crosses, Battleships, Connect4 and the range favourite- Apple Challenge!

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Discover a new hobby this year and book yourself an Archery lesson at The Cotswold Range. All of our instructors are Archery GB qualified and specialise in teaching Archery to beginners of all ages starting from Age 7 +. When you book at the Cotswold Range, you do so with the guarantee that your session is exclusive. From individuals to couples to small groups. Our range has 4 shooting lanes at a set distance of 10 meters with a session capacity of 8 people allowing you to rotate larger groups in and out.


You haven't experienced Archery until you have tried our games!