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Instructed Archery | Air Rifles | Crossbow

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When are you open?

We are available for bookings 7 days a week. If you have any dates/times in mind just ask us and we can check instructor availability.


I have no experience, does this matter?

The majority of people that visit the range have limited/no experience. That is what your paying for however, the instructor is with you the whole time providing tuition, technique and setting up the games to match a variety of abilities.  


Can I bring my own equipment?

Unfortunately not due to insurance- we have built our ranges at a fixed 10 metres so if you have your own equipment you would almost certainly be requiring further.


How many people can I bring?

Every lesson is exclusive, it yours to fill as you wish. We need a minimum of 2 people to open up a session and with 1 instructor we can fit 8 people for Archery & Crossbow and 10 people for Air Rifles. If you are looking to bring more people then we can split the group in half and run the session with 2 instructors.


What is the minimum age?

For Archery and Air Rifles the minimum age is 8, for Crossbow it is 12 due to the stability and strength required.


What happens in bad weather?

The range is sheltered for participants. If it's raining and you want to stay dry then the instructors will collect the targets/arrows/bolts for you.


Still have a question? Call us on 01285 238101

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